Serdar Dogruyol


I’m Serdar Dogruyol a.k.a Sedo. I’m a core member of the Crystal programming language team and the creator of the Kemal web framework.

My current main interests are Crystal (programming language), Self Development and Keynesian economics.

I’m Open Source by default, here are some of the open source projects I’ve created, contributing and maintaining:

you can check my Github profile for more.


I speak publicly at conferences to share my knowledge and promote open source software all around the world.

  • Detroit Tech Watch 2019 (Detroit, USA)
  • #9 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Balkan Ruby 2018 (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Mobile Days 2018 (Ankara, Turkey)
  • OWTG 2017 (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • RubyC 2017 (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • RubyConf Brazil 2016 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • PolyConf 2016 (Poznan, Poland)
  • Kodla 2016 (Trabzon, Turkey)
  • Karabuk Programming Days 2016 (Karabuk, Turkey)
  • Kodla 2015 (Trabzon, Turkey)
  • Karabuk Programming Days 2015 (Karabuk, Turkey)
  • JSIst 2014 (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Karabuk Programming Days 2014 (Karabuk, Turkey)