Open Source

I started contributing to Open Source projects in 2013 and over time I authored, contributed to and helped many libraries, frameworks. This page lists my most notable contributions and projects.


Kemal is the most popular web framework for Crystal. It’s motto is ‘Fast, Effective, Simple’. I’m the author of Kemal and been maintaining it since 2015.


Crystal is a programming language with the following goals:

  • Have a syntax similar to Ruby (but compatibility with it is not a goal)
  • Statically type-checked but without having to specify the type of variables or method arguments.
  • Be able to call C code by writing bindings to it in Crystal.
  • Have compile-time evaluation and generation of code, to avoid boilerplate code.
  • Compile to efficient native code.

I’m a Crystal Core Team member since 2018.

Crystal For Rubyists

Crystal for Rubyists is a free book for people who want to learn Crystal from a dynamic language perspective. I’m the author of this book.


cryload is an HTTP benchmarking tool written in Crystal.


tren lets you use your SQL as a first class method in your Crystal application.


fast-http-server is a super fast, zero configuration command line HTTP Server.

You can check more of my projects on Github