Building a realtime Chat application with Crystal and Kemal

As we all know that the web is getting bigger and the information is being consumed really fast. Most of the web applications are in need of realtime updates to supply this demand. To achieve this WebSocket technology is a great fit.

Why Crystal?

Spoiler: This is an opinionated post about programming languages.

Rust vs Ruby: Building an API


I've been itching to write this blog post for a while. Now that Rust is 1.0.0-beta the time has come.

Using Cuba to Build Lightweight APIs


Nowadays building an API is a really common task. If you're a Ruby developer chances are really high that you're already using Rails for an API.

Customize Rails Generators to Avoid Generating Unnecessary Files


As you may already know when you a generate a new resource, model or controller there are bunch of other files that are also being generated for you. Rails has a great way to customize the default generators as you wish. For example let's assu...

Using ActiveSupport StringInquirer for pretty String equality


ActiveSupport is pretty awesome. It has really awesome stuff hidden in it.StringInquirer is one of them.

Convert Hash Key to a Method


Consider you have a Hash like this or you got a method which returns as a result.

Easily Share Your Localhost with Ngrok


Sometimes you want to show a prototype web application that is working on your computer to other people.