Node.js / Jade ‘Implicit textOnly for script and style is deprecated.’ error for inline Javascript

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Yesterday while i was playing with a quick Node app built using Express (3.x). I used the inline Javascript tag to do some stuff. I encountered a strange error that i’ve never seen before. After checking my previous package.json files and the current one. I noticed the source of the error.

dependencies": {
    "express": "3.0.6",
    "jade": "*",

Seemed like the error was related to newer versions of Jade ( > 0.32.x). As you can see from this gist (  they deprecated implicit text-only for script and style.  So we have to explicitly declare that the script is text only. By adding an . after script tag. Instead of

 // Your JS code

Use this

    script. // See the '.'
 // Your JS code

P.S  : If you dont want to break your current working apps which use inline JS dont use the ‘ * ‘ directive in your ‘ package.json ‘ for your Jade version.

Happy Hacking <3

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