Stop Using Digital Ocean Now : The Aftermath

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As you may already know my previous Stop using Digital Ocean Now! For the greater good ! blog post which is about DO shutting down the account caused tremendous reaction.

First of all I’d like to thank to everyone who made comments, read the post or shared it. All that response is pretty important to me and i know that a lot of people are still waiting answers. Well the current situation is

  • DigitalOcean requested me to send a paper which authorizes them to disclose the information in public. It was midnight here in Turkey and i was asleep.
  • At morning the first thing i did was to write the paper and mail it to DO. I did it and started to wait for an answer. Hopefuly in a short period of time.

And now after nearly 10 hours or so i still haven’t heard from DO. Also now that the HN topic is not on the front pages no one is getting updated about the situation. That’s why i wanted to write this post. The things which i still don’t understand .

  • Is my privacy is more important than my user experience or happiness of the service ? Even if i want them to tell what really happened ?
  • Is it fair to tyrannically close someone’s account up and accuse him or further treat him as a liar ?

By the way i pulled an all-nighter to migrate and get all the services to live again. Pardon my grammar mistakes. Here’s the document that i write ( PS : I know, my writing sucks )

The HN topic for this post

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